Health Benefits of floating

Float therapy has so many benefits.

Relaxation Response

Our day-to-day lives involve many distractions. We are busier than ever with each year that passes. We search for countless activities to reduce stress, calm the nerves and rejuvenate our bodies; different things that we can DO to feel as though we are doing nothing and experience quiet and at ease. Float pods are the solution to access the peace and serenity we seek through simply being, rather than doing. They are designed to remove all external stimuli and allow our sympathetic nervous system to take a break. Throughout the session you will progressively move deeper through states of relaxation and focus. The minerals in the water will help cut muscle tension, blood pressure, stress hormones and pump endorphins instead by improving blood flow.

Anti-gravity benefits

Over 500kg of dissolved high-quality Epsom salts in water at the temperature of the human body allow for the extreme buoyancy to keep us afloat as we lie on our backs, taking pressure off joints, muscles and bones. This aids in releasing tension, lower back pain, pressure in the hips and neck and shallow breathing.

Chronic stress relief

Many of us naturally react to life’s stressful events by holding tension in our bodies, sleeping poorly, depression and more. By removing disruptions from the outside world through the reduction of sensory stimuli we can focus solely on our own thoughts. Being partially submerged in these essential minerals designed to improve blood flow to the brain, our stress is naturally decreased and creativity, rejuvenation and imagination are put in its place.


Increasing the blood flow to our brains also stimulates the endorphins throughout our system. This is what helps us to relieve pain, enhances our mood, suppress our appetite and lowers anxiety helping us to achieve a settled state of mind. This, in turn, will decrease depression and lift our state of mind creating sensations of euphoria.

Heightened senses

Turning down the senses by removing all distractions of our daily lives helps us to turn inward and focus with a calmer state of mind. Coming out of the pod after a session of removing the senses generates heightened eye sight, hearing, taste and even touch. Sensations we experience daily may seem clearer and more vivid after just this 60 min pause.

Faster healing & muscle recovery

Relaxing in a sight and soundproof float pod taking in anti-inflammatory and healing minerals, including magnesium, allows our bodies to repair and recover rapidly. Increasing the blood circulation to limbs and to the brain with this break from gravity aid in healing muscles as it is like a long medicated sleep where our bodies are given what they need to heal themselves – although a session only takes one hour!


The benefits of floating; stress reduction, improved rest and sleep, healing muscles, increasing brain function and focus, experiencing weightlessness and improving blood flow are all heightened whilst pregnant. The center of gravity shifts as the baby grows throughout pregnancy leaving you feeling unbalanced and in discomfort. These aches and pains can be reduced drastically by experiencing a break from gravity feeling a sense of relief like none other. The levels of Magnesium have been shown to be extremely helpful in pregnancy and birth. The magnesium aids in building and repairing body tissue in both the mother and the fetus in addition to regulating insulin and blood glucose levels. Magnesium and calcium work together to stimulate and regulate muscle engagement, thus reducing muscle cramps, pain and tension. Seek guidance from your physician to insure a safe floating experience.

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